[Obscured Visions of an Adolescent Mind]

Hey, J-J-Jaded.

Aerosmith works perfectly for designing lighting sets. Can’t believe I gave into Wooddard. Again. At least it’ll be for the greater good.

My, my baby blue. Yeah— I’ve been thinkin’ about you— My, my baby blue.



Oh shush, you’re equally, if not more, fantastic. It did? Well, don’t go all bodybuilder on me now, hun. Not good.

Nope, pretty sure your body takes the cake. Not turning into a muscle-toting jar-head. Roland’s been laughing at me about it though. He keeps saying he should’ve asked you to date me a long time ago if it would lead to the eventual use of the gym.


…not my fault your clothes look fantastic both on you and on the floor…

I don’t hold a candle to you though. That night inspired me to actually start using the gym in our house. 

Track Title: The Prayer

Artist: Bloc Party

The Prayer by Bloc Party


It was a darkened ally outside a theater; do you really think people were watching?

To be fair maybe you shouldn’t have told me your intentions that night; I would’ve been able to keep my hands to myself.